About Me

I am a native of eastern North Carolina. I was born and raised near Elizabeth City and moved to the Outer Banks in 1972 after school at UNC-Chapel Hill. I had been spending summers in Nags Head during my college years and it was then that I got interested in photography. Then, as now, it was the landscape and the ocean that were my favorite subjects. I’ve always been drawn to the dramatic weather and subtle beauty of the barrier islands. Skies here change constantly, the ocean is endlessly compelling, and the landscape, shaped by the waters on either side, reflects the changing light of the seasons and the moods of the sea. Trying to capture this has kept me shooting over the years.

I now shoot with digital cameras and print digitally on archival materials. I mat and frame everything myself. I enjoy the sense of craftsmanship that I get from having my hands on the whole process.

My work is divided between fine art and commercial photography. I have a variety of mostly local clients and regularly submit images to several magazines.

Ray Matthews PhotographerAs for awards and recognition, I’ve had my share, but that is not what interests me or keeps me shooting. I just have a desire to make tangible images from the endless, fleeting possibilities, and to share these small revelations with anyone who cares to look. The work is its own reward. It puts me in touch with what is timeless in nature and hopefully in myself as well. The best acknowledgment that I have been successful is when someone is so taken with a photograph that they buy it. I always feel that person has helped me go back out and keep shooting.

Ray Matthews